Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability at the Heart of Everything We Do!

We aspire to uplift local communities through lasting, positive change that sustainably enhances well-being.

Ismail Industries is dedicated to sustainable integration, prioritizing ESG factors in our decision-making. Our transparent ESG/Sustainability reporting informs stakeholders, driving improved ecological practices, cost savings, risk mitigation, innovation, and eco-awareness. Our divisions, including Bisconni, Candyland, Astro, and Facilities, are already advancing sustainability through initiatives like beach cleanups and yoga sessions.


Our company pioneers healthcare innovation, empowering individuals for a vibrant future.

Community Events

We actively engage in community events, showcasing our social responsibility.

Water Initiatives

We’re dedicated to sustainable water initiatives ensuring cleanliness and accessibility for all.


Dedicated to breaking barriers in education, empowering future generations worldwide.


Creating employment opportunities for the lower income segment of the society.


Ismail Industries passionately supports employee involvement in impactful sports.


Empowering Education through Ismail Academy and Khadijah Girls College

Ismail Industries, in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment, introduced Ismail Academy in 2016 as an affordable educational institution dedicated to empowering economically disadvantaged individuals. We now operate two schools in Karachi and have extended our commitment to education with Khadijah Girls College, offering quality education to thousands of underprivileged young girls.

Sustaining Support for Ismail Academy and Khadijah Girls College

We're proud to announce our continued sponsorship of Ismail Academy and Khadijah Girls College. Our support has helped provide around 1000 underprivileged students with modern learning tools and enriching extracurricular activities. These institutions, with their exceptional faculty, create a nurturing environment for low-income students to gain knowledge and become active contributors to society.