SnackCity with its Crinkle Chips category enjoys the position of market leader.

Enhancing flavor with high-quality potato chips and savory snacks

About SnackCity

SnackCity, founded in 2006, presents a delectable range of snacks including plain chips, crinkle chips, peanuts and more.

Established in June 2006 and expanded in March 2010, the SnackCity division of Ismail Industries Limited proudly retains its status as market leader in the crinkle chips category even today. Now home to an impressive range of chips namely; Kurleez, Chillz, Fillz and Smax, SnackCity's sales and results speak for themselves.

We aim to continue to nurture SnackCity's existing products, as well as expand our portfolio in the upcoming year of 2023-24. We vow to uphold our company values, and meet our goal of absolute customer satisfaction, as well as continuing to be leading innovators of the Pakistani market.

At SnackCity, our top priority is our customers, and this is evident in all our products as they showcase our unwavering commitment to quality.

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