We offer an extensive range of premium biscuits and cookies, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional quality.

Bisconni continues to carry the ambition of bringing an exquisite taste in every bite.

About Bisconni

We foster a culture founded on passion, innovation, and people—a legacy we've upheld since 2002

Bisconni started its journey in 2002 with the philosophy of producing biscuits which meet international standards of quality and food safety. Bisconni operates from a state-of-the-art facility located in Hub and has increased its production manifold since its inception. We have a diversified product line, and so our factory is capable of producing plain biscuits, sandwich biscuits, cookies and wafers.

Currently, Bisconni is the market leader in Pakistan in the cookies and wafers categories. With the launch of its sandwich biscuit "Rite", Bisconni pioneered the Black Biscuits category in the Pakistani market. Our unrivalled portfolio of brands now also includes favorites such as Treat, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolatto and Novita.

Bisconni's vision revolves around constant innovation and the introduction of new, value-added products in the biscuit category. With a forward-looking perspective, we are dedicated to advancing our exciting plans to meet the needs of consumers in Pakistan and worldwide.

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