At Ismail Industries Limited, we aim to offer high quality products to our consumers by remaining the most technologically advanced company in our field. We strive to be the market leaders in all the categories that we compete in. We work towards establishing a strong foothold within and outside Pakistan, through both export and local manufacturing.


To capitalize on our values and maximize customer's satisfaction, we continually endeavor to deliver consistent quality of products to our consumers. By extensively catering to the home markets and strengthening our roots in international ones, we look forward to make our mark in the industry.

Our aim is to consolidate and strengthen our position as the most technologically advanced company in our field.

We believe in optimally combining our people, technology management systems, and opportunities to achieve profitable growth while providing fair returns to our shareholders. It is through recognizing the importance of efficiency and creativity that we aim to achieve growth in a competitive environment.

In a nutshell, our mission is to become a good corporate citizen by being socially responsible and contributing towards the betterment, growth and development of Pakistan.