CEO Candyland

Candyland is where it all started in 1988 with our first factory bringing to life the largest confectionary company of Pakistan. Our strong ethos of honesty, dedication and relentless hard work has seen us become a name of quality and consumer trust for over three decades. Candyland is an incredible and inspiring story of determination which has made us the market leader in the confectionary business.
We are proud to develop the best brands in the business and some of the most innovative products which have become part of our national lifestyle. The wide array of products appeal to children and grown-ups alike and is a source of joy for millions. We will remain a hub of innovation and continue to be the first to market tastes, flavors and concepts which our customers have come to associate with us. The focus will remain on quality products, human resource development, technology and most importantly profitability. The company has progressed strength to strength and we will continue to grow and charter new horizons in line with our vision to stay ahead of our competitors and serve our customers better.
Candyland offers a unique place to work where we encourage our employees to innovate and develop new ideas. Our culture values the employee as the corner stone of our success which provides them care, appreciation and a sustainable career with skills enrichment and competitive rewards and compensation. You can become part of our winning team and we can provide you with your Dream Job.