At Ismail Industries, we believe in creating long term value for our customers, shareholders, employees and society. Our focus remains on sustained profitability for our business to grow and thrive. The company operates with relentless focus on principles of integrity and fairness in all our business transactions. The corporate governance framework evolved over the years ensure that we uphold highest ethical values and transparency at Ismail Industries Limited. We deliver to our customers high quality, safe and delicious products ensuring compliance with all food and consumer product safety laws.
Our employees operate in an environment where they are empowered to think and act in the highest interest of our key stakeholders. It is the same culture of innovation that has resulted in many home grown ideas resulting in some of the most innovate products brought to Pakistan confectionary, biscuit and snack market along with various achievements internally on driving efficiency and operational excellence. Ismail Industries’ vision is to continue our growth trajectory in the coming years and become the largest food manufacturing company in Pakistan.
Our biggest contribution to the society has come in shape of thousands of employment opportunities created in the last three decades by our remarkable growth and various CSR initiatives where we have made difference to the lives of underprivileged in communities we operate in.
I feel proud to be the steward of this great company which has become a hall mark of Pakistani entrepreneurship brilliance, innovation and sustained growth. I would like to thank our millions of consumers who put their trust in our products every day and assure them that we will continue to serve them as we have for over last three decades.