CEO Bisconni & Snackcity

The Bisconni & SnackCity business strengthened Ismail Industries’ combined portfolio and made us a key player in the fast-growing biscuits & snack industry in the country. Since inception, our focus remained on developing the most innovative and unique products for our customers. This commitment resulted in some of the most loved sweet and savory products enjoyed by millions of our customers today.
The growth philosophy derived from the founders of our company remains serving our customer delightful treats, products with the promise of taste and bringing smiles. The company plans to become the best snacking company in the country through its strategy focused on quality products, leveraging people capabilities, employing technology for efficiency, bold innovation, and continuous process improvements. The very same principles have helped us grow and gain major market share in a highly competitive and complex biscuits & snacks market.
Our people remain at the heart of this success and our unique competitive advantage. My philosophy remains empowering and enabling my team to deliver value for our consumers and this has seen us grow 300% in the last three years. Our core principles, passion for excellence and relentless drive to win makes us unbeatable!