Company Information

The Company was incorporated in Karachi, Pakistan as a private limited company on June 21, 1988. on November 01, 1989 the company was converted into a public limited company. Principal activities of the company are manufacturing and trading of sugar confectionery items, biscuits, potato chips and cast polypropylene film under the brands of 'CandyLand', 'Bisconni', 'SnackCity' and 'Astro Films' respectively.
The symbol of the company is ISIL and the shares of the company is listed on The Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Company Registration Number


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M/s. Grant Thornton Anjum Rahman
Chartered Accountants
1st & 3rd Floor, Modern Motors House,
Beaumont Road, Karachi,

Legal Advisor:

1st Floor, Dime Centre, BC-4 Block 9,
Kehkashan, Clifton, Karachi

Share Registrar:

M/s. THK Associates (Pvt) Limited.,
Plot No.32-C, Jami Commercial Street 2,
D.H.A, Phase VII, Karachi


Ismail Industries Limited
Short Term A1 and Long Term A by PACRA.

Associated Companies

The Bank of Khyber

The Bank of Khyber (BOK) was established in 1991 through a legislative act and passed by the Provincial Assembly of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it was given the status of a scheduled bank in September 1994. The shares of BOK are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. BOK is a professionally managed bank with a successful track record of 20 years of operations. Ismail Industries Limited holds a 24.16% voting and equity interest and has representation on the Board of Directors Mr. Maqsood Ismail in BOK.

Novelty Enterprises (Private) Limited

Novelty Enterprises (Private) Limited (NEL) is incorporated in Pakistan on July 26, 2006 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 as a private company limited by shares. The principal business of the NEL is to carry out the business of purchase, lease, transfer, exchange or otherwise of lands, gardens, premises and erect buildings, hotels, restaurants etc. Ismail Industries Limited holds 33% voting and equity interest in NEL and has representation on the Board of Directors Mr. Maqsood Ismail in NEL.

Del Mare Foods (Private) Limited

Del Mare Foods (Private) Limited (DMF) is incorporated in Pakistan on June 01, 2011 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 as a private company limited by shares. DFL has been created to export canned seafood from Pakistan and has set up Pakistan's largest fish canning plant on the coast of Karachi. With Pakistan's pollution free coastline extending for over a 1,000KM along the Arabian Sea and our factory strategically located close to the major fresh fish landing areas we are able to benefit from using only wild caught fish and with no additives or preservatives involved in the canning process. An Associated Company based on common Directorship of Mr. Ahmed Muhammad.

Hudson Pharma (Private) Limited

Hudson Pharma (Private) Limited is incorporated in Pakistan on May 05, 2010 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 as a private company limited by shares. Hudson Pharma aims to provide hospitals and health institutions in Pakistan with injectable medicines in polyethylene ampoules and bottles that are more sterile, easier and safer to administer, and cost competitive versus the current glass based competition. We intend on capturing a first mover advantage by being the first in Pakistan to market injectables packaged in plastic. In comparison to other dosage forms, injectables have less competition locally and globally given the higher barriers to entry. We believe the transition to plastic will be swift in Pakistan given our view that all stakeholders involved in the administration of the injection are incentivized to switch.
Following three Directors of Ismail Industries Limited are the Directors of Hudson Pharma (Private) Limited:

  • Mr. Hamid Maqsood Ismail
  • Mr. Ahmed Muhammad
  • Mr. Munsarim Saifullah

Plastiflex Films (Private) Limited

Plastiflex Films (Private) Limited is incorporated on May 30, 2011 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 as private company limited by shares. The Company has acquired the BOPP manufacturing operations from M/s Macpac Films Ltd. BOPP Film is the most widely used plastic wrapping film in the world. As the name implies, it is made of polypropylene resins. It is largely used for packing of highly sensitive food grade products, such as potato chips, biscuits and spices, as well as innumerable other products, from cigarette over-wrapping to bags for shirts, from shampoo sachets to copy covers, and from adhesive tape to the covering around flower bouquets. Almost all packaged goods use BOPP
Mr. Ahmed Muhammad Directors of Ismail Industries Limited is also the Directors of Plastiflex Films (Private) Limited.