Bisconni started its journey in 2002 with the philosophy of producing biscuits which meet international standards of quality and food safety. Bisconni operates from a state-of-the-art facility located in Hub and has increased its production manifold since its inception. We have a diversified product line, and so our factory is capable of producing plain biscuits, sandwich biscuits, cookies and wafers.

Bisconni entered the Pakistani biscuit market with its chocolate filled cookie Cocomo, which over the years has become one of the iconic brands of Pakistan. All products are produced under the Bisconni umbrella that has today grown to become a mark of trust and confidence for consumers.

Currently, Bisconni is the market leader in Pakistan in the cookies and wafers categories. With the launch of its sandwich biscuit "Rite", Bisconni pioneered the Black Biscuits category in the Pakistani market. Our unrivalled portfolio of brands now also includes favorites such as Treat, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolatto and Novita.

The customer is at the core of all our activities and in order to cater to evolving market dynamics, we have continuously introduced a number of innovative products in the cookies and biscuits range. All products of Bisconni are certified by ISO 22000 and have Halaal Certification from SANHA. We have also achieved the distinction of becoming a certified supplier of the World Food Program and produce High Energy biscuits for its various programs.

The vision of Bisconni is to keep innovating and introducing new and value added products in the biscuits category. We have our eyes firmly fixed on the future and will continue to progress with exciting plans to satisfy our consumers across Pakistan and around the world.

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